We use gentle extraction to obtain natural flavours from the finest fruits and herbs, which we process into practical dropz. Our dropz develop into true flavour wonders in tap water - without sugar, depending on the variety, without sweeteners and of course without calories.


Our varieties are made from 100% natural flavors. With valuable vitamins like C, B6, B9, and B12, you get your daily vitamin boost. We keep our ingredient lists as short as possible and use high-quality ingredients.

All varieties are sugar-free and calorie-free; the Pure Essence line also completely avoids sweeteners.

Nutritional information

All varieties are completely sugar-free and calorie-free, but enriched with valuable vitamins.

Vitamin C: Your natural health booster! Supports your immune system and protects your cells.

Vitamin B6: Your energy boost! Supports metabolism and the conversion of food into energy.

Vitamin B9: Your mood enhancer! Supports the nervous system and promotes good mood and balance.

Vitamin B12: Your mental power! Promotes blood formation, cell function, and enhances mental clarity and concentration.

Swiss made

Was darauf steht, ist auch drin. Die gesamte Produktionskette der dropz (ohne Flaschen) ist Swiss made. Die dropz werden in der Schweiz entwickelt, produziert, abgefüllt, verpackt, gestaltet und verschickt. Es ist uns wichtig, dass wir nicht nur bei unseren Produkten nachhaltige Entscheidungen treffen, sondern auch unsere externen Partner in der Schweiz nach diesem Kriterium auswählen.